Why QPI ?

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Quality Personnel can assist your organization in meeting its HR and staffing needs.

Whether you have a need for a temporary staff, a permanent placement or payroll assistance, Quality Personnel can help from candidate identification, assessment, through to processing and final placement.

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Personal Service

We provide prompt and personal service for organizations to meet their permanent and temporary staffing needs. We have served a variety of clients, from global manufacturers to smaller enterprises employing less than 5 people. Regardless of your hiring experience, Quality Personnel can guide you through the process seamlessly and find quality candidates to meet your hiring requirements.

Time Savings

Managers and hiring personnel often are consumed with operational and managerial functions and simply do not have the time to effect a full search.
In addition, candidates may be required as soon as possible due to unexpected production increases, sudden departures of current staff or visits from out-of-town managers who require an interview with a candidate quickly.

Effort / Cost

Considerable effort is required to place an advertisement, screen resumes, short-list candidates, schedule meetings / interviews, conduct reference checks, administer specific tests and involve other managers in the process.
Combining the cost per hour of managers with the number of hours required in the search process, the cost to hire can easily reach thousands of dollars.

Access to Candidates

We may have access to various candidates based on our over 15 years of service, some of which may fit your requirements perfectly.
We also utilize select databases and our network to access a pool of candidates available to employers, while also reducing the length of the recruiting process.


Enjoy a qualified guarantee* that should a hired candidate not be suitable within 3 months, a replacement will be provided free of charge.*
Eliminate the risk in hiring a permanent or temporary employee directly and restarting the entire recruiting process costs incurred once again.

* Please contact QP for complete details.

Genetic Testing

Employers may utilize QP staffing candidates as their needs demand, without the associated extra costs of permanent staffing.

For more information or a free quote please contact us.

Our Promise

Employer Services


We stand behind our Placement Services. Employers receive a placement guarantee that should a hired candidate not be suitable, a replacement candidate will be provided to the Employer without cost.
* Full details available when placements are ordered.