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For over 20 Years

Assisting Employers and Candidates in the Greater Toronto Area


Payroll Services

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Quality Personnel Inc. (QPI) is an employment agency serving the areas of Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Brampton and North York..

Whether you firm has a need for a temporary staff, permanent placement or payroll assistance, Quality Personnel can help in your staffing and HR needs.


Temporary or Permanent

Filling staffing needs for your organization.

Time Savings

Sourcing and vetting personnel in all levels of the hiring processes.

Effort / Cost

Savings filter through key departments and by reducing tasks.

Access to Candidates

Access based on 20+ years experience and networking links.


Qualified guarantees that provide replacements for “just in case” events.

Generic Testing

Testing to qualify and quantify candidate attributes for each position.

focused on employers

Employer Services


Placement Services provide staff through short-term, extended or long-term permanent periods of time, while assuming the outsourcing of complete recruiting and staffing functions.


Payroll services provide a fully outsourced, industry and government compliant, payroll function that serves to reduce in-house costs for light to medium payroll activities and sizes.